Fundraising Ideas for Baseball Clubs

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10 Fundraising Ideas For Baseball Clubs

Trying to find some effective fundraising ideas for your baseball team? It can be tough finding the perfect fundraisers for your cause, so we have come up with a few popular baseball fundraising ideas for you to try. You will be happy to learn that some of these incur little or no upfront cost because they take advantage of your existing equipment or make use of the talent of your players.

Here’s our list of low-cost, high-profit fundraisers for baseball clubs to help you reach your fundraising goals, from community events that will get the town talking to online fundraising ideas that have the potential for widespread attention.

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Team Car Wash Fundraiser A fun fundraising idea with huge potential for revenue, a team car wash plants your baseball club in the centre of your community,offering to a job that always needs doing. To organise, make hilarious advertisements using photos of your players then circulate these as physical posters or through online posts on social media to promote your event. Set up your car wash in an available car park close to your venue (maybe your local community center), keep things light-hearted on the day and ask for money in return for your service! Baseball Movie Night There are so many great sports movies about baseball that baseball movie nights are a real crowd-pleasing fundraiser. Hire necessary equipment like projectors and seats and project the film onto a large wall, indoors or outdoors - it’s your choice! Sell tickets and allow supporters to vote on their film of choice. Secure additional funds by setting up concession stands on the night, selling popcorn, candy corn, and other low-cost, high-profit food and drink items. Pitching Contest A speed-pitch challenge gets the local community battling your baseball team’s players to see who has the fastest pitch. You don’t need expensive equipment to measure the speed of a pitch; with a few calculations and a stopwatch you can quickly calculate the speed. This article from SportsRec tells you how: Charge a flat ticket fee to spectate the contest and extra to participate. Set up a prize for the fastest pitch, in an adult’s category and a little league one too. A ball signed by all the players is a popular prize choice for this type of fundraiser. Baseball Hit-A-Thon Baseball hit-a-thons are great for little league players and adult baseball players alike, but maybe steer clear of week-days for your event. A hit-a-thon allows players to compete in a variety of categories, such as throwing accuracy, batting and long toss. These are easy to measure and likely use equipment you already have. The whole day ends up as a great opportunity for revenue due to the amount of time it takes! It’s important to set up concession stands for the hungry supporters, but also consider hosting raffles, bingo and other games to keep fans and their families entertained while the players showcase their talents. Baseball Team Sponsorships Getting your baseball team a sponsorship starts with finding the right partnership. Reaching out to your community’s local businesses is essential here and it’s important to make sure you establish a partnership that is not only profitable but also one you believe in. Once you have your partnership you can look at how you’ll display your sponsorship, from logos on your team’s uniform to having your home platesponsored (so that every time a player manages to touch base your sponsor donates to your team). Self-Branded Merch Your fundraising efforts are not complete without a bit of team merchandise. Get creative and capture the spirit of your team by designing a range of branded products and gifts. Merchandise comes in many forms, from keychains to t-shirts, coffee cups to sports equipment, each giving you a fixed and constant fundraising opportunity for your baseball club. Use images of your team players, your stadium, your logo or even your mascot! Sell your merch online to ensure a higher profit for your baseball team by saving money on the expenses of a physical shop. But make sure you take advantage of match days by setting up a stand staffed with volunteers to sell your merchandise at games. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for your Baseball Team This online fundraising method provides you an efficient, profitable way of crowdfunding. Peer-to-Peer fundraising works best online, where any current supporter of your club can host an individual fundraising page for your team and ask for donations on your behalf. Good peer fundraising campaigns begin with a genuine and well-thought-out piece of text about why your cause deserves funding. Once you have that ready, head to your favourite peer fundraising platforms to ask your community to spread the word on their online socials. ‘Best Seat in the House’ Charity Auction This fundraising opportunity can be done as a raffle or as an auction, where you offer up the ‘best seat in the house’ for one of your team’s games. This ‘seat’ can include privileges beyond just the view. You could offer the winner the chance to come to a practice in the week as well, or have them meet the players in the dugout on the night. Be mindful that for youth baseball teams a raffle has a higher potential for success, as parents are more likely to buy a ticket, but less likely to bid highly. Charity Wiffle Ball Game Generate some friendly competition between locals and players by asking your community to assemble a hot-shot team to pitch against your baseball club in this safe and easy game of baseball. Host your match on a small sports field or even in a local school gym, as you don’t even have to play this outside. Advertise the event and create a mock rivalry between the home team and the locals for extra interest. Make sure to sell tickets and concessions on the night, and ask local businesses if they’d be interested in sponsoring the match. Bake Sale Bake sales are a favorite fundraising idea for a good reason. They have the potential to be a profitable baseball fundraiser, with little equipment required and real potential for revenue. Have your team pick a popular location to host their sale, then simply ask your players and their network of family and friends if they have anything they’d be willing to bake for your team. Sell these enticing baked goods to passers-by, with the information that all the proceeds will be going to the team.

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