Skydiving for a Good Cause

So you’ve either decided to take the big jump or you’re toying with the idea- but what next? From choosing which charity to represent and to planning the logistics, here’s our advice on skydiving for charity.

Test your bravery and make your fundraising efforts unique with a charity skydive

As well as being a real adrenaline boost for yourself, taking part in a charity skydive is a unique and exciting way of raising money for a worthy organisation. Skydiving is often on many people’s bucket lists so why not combine that dream with goodwill by doing it in the name of your favourite charity?

Before you parachute out of a plane (attached to an instructor, of course), there will be several factors you’ll need to consider in advance. Here at easyfundraising, we’ve tried to cover all the bases in an effort to convince you to skydive for charity, whether you’re an individual or are part of a school or business looking for a way to give back.

Choosing your charity

While you may already have a charity in mind, it’s worth knowing that there are hundreds of organisations out there who will pay for your skydive if you manage to raise a certain about of money for them. Charities that pay for skydiving include the RSPCA, Just 4 Children and Shelter, among many others.

The amount you’ll need to raise for your chosen charity is usually around £400, which may sound like a lot but it is achievable if you follow our fundraising for charity skydives tips below.

Raising money for your charity skydive

It can be tricky getting people to donate- especially when they see how much fun you’ll have skydiving! Skydiving aside, when trying to raise money for your big adventure it’s important to make sure that you put across to potential sponsors what your chosen charity does and why they are worthy of their money.

Think small, then big

Instead of aiming for a few large donations, try getting a handful of smaller ones from family, friends, work colleagues and strangers. Even if you only get £15 from each person, that’s only thirty people you’ll need to convince to donate- and who wouldn’t want to see you jump out of a plane?!

Build up some hype

Skydiving isn’t your every day charity event which is why it’s important that you build up some excitement and interest beforehand. Take to social media and create a video for Facebook where you explain what you’re doing and who it’s for, making sure to focus on the charity and its work. If you’re from a business or school, give a presentation to your colleagues or students in advance to raise awareness. Don’t be afraid to show your nerves either- it’ll make people more willing to donate if it looks like you’re conquering your fears!

Add something unique to your charity skydive

While skydiving is a brave feat in itself, there are some ways to make the event even more special for your sponsors. Why not do it in fancy dress or make a deal with your sponsors to double their donations if you land on a certain spot? What about surprising your sponsors with a guest jumper like their boss or head teacher? There are plenty of ways to make your charity skydive unique.

Where can I do a charity skydive?

There are many providers around the UK who are more than happy to accommodate a charity skydive. Simply search online for providers in your local area and take your pick! Once you’ve found one, all you’ll need to do is book your slot and then start donating. We particularly like Sky Dive London if you live in or near the capital, but there are plenty of others to choose from further afield.

Still feeling nervous?

Whether you’re afraid of heights or not, skydiving is a nerve-wracking experience but one that many people rave about.

Need some inspiration?

The Big Welsh Jump May 2017 raised £5,380 for Cancer Research Wales over two weekends of skydiving!

We love to hear all about your fundraising efforts here at easyfundraising so why not do a skydive and tell us your story? 

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