8 Easy Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Kids are set to be the next generation of givers and fundraisers so it’s important we raise them to be philanthropic. Here we provide some tips on getting kids involved in fundraising.

Ensure the next generation take care of the world by getting kids involved in fundraising

Here at Fundraising Expert, we’re passionate about helping people raise money for the causes they love. We also know that in the blink of an eye, it will be the next generation that’ll be responsible for taking on this amazing job! This makes it vital that we teach kids why it’s so important to be philanthropic.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how you can raise your kids up to be caring, charitable and concerned for the well-being of others and the world. We’ll also provide some fantastic ideas on how to get kids involved in fundraising, whether it’s at home, school or through their sports club.

Raising a philanthropic child

We strongly believe that it’s possible to raise a child that is considerate of others and willing to give their time and energy to changing the world. To help set you on your way to raising a philanthropic child, we’ve put together a few top tips:

  1. Start philanthropy early. Children are very impressionable so it’s important that you teach your kids a sense of community and responsibility from an early age. According to American organisation, Talk about Giving, 71% of children with philanthropic parents go on to be philanthropic themselves while only 47% of children who have parents that don’t give go on to be philanthropists.
  2. Charity begins at home. It’s unlikely that your kids will be able to do much fundraising on their own but you can prepare for the future. Most children learn values from their parents so if they see you being kind and considerate towards others, they’re more likely to be too.
  3. Don’t be afraid to expose them to negative things. It’s tempting to shield your child from sad things that are happening in the world but think about a different approach if you want them to grow up to help change things. Talk to them gently about issues like child poverty, homelessness and climate change, and explain how philanthropic work can help.
  4. Don’t trap them in privilege. While we all want our kids to have a happy and healthy childhood, it’s important not to spoil them or let them take for granted what they have. Keep them grounded by not always giving into their demands and encouraging them to be generous to others, whether it’s their own friends and siblings or the wider community.

Fundraising Ideas for Kids

There are several things that you can do as a parent to help show your kids how easy and important it is to be charitable. From getting them to help you sell their old toys at a car boot sale and to enlisting them in fundraising activities that you already do for a specific cause, here are just a few fundraising ideas to do with kids:

  1. Donate or sell old toys. Get your kids to go through their old toys and donate some to charity or sell them in a car boot or garden sale. They could also make craft items to sell, with the money made going to a good cause.
  2. Donations instead of presents. Ask relatives and friends to donate to a charity of your child’s choice instead of giving them presents for their birthday and Christmas.
  3. Sponsored events. Sponsored sporting events like swims or football matches are great for kids as it helps them practice a skill and how to be committed to a task as well as getting them to raise money.
  4. Seasonal fundraisers. Make the most of the seasons and get involved in specific fundraisers like fetes or sponsored events in summer and Christmas fairs and craft making in winter.
  5. Battle of the Bands. Many kids dream of being the next big pop star so why not help them achieve their dream while fundraising with a Battle of the Bands competition? Organise it at a local school or community centre and charge for entry, with all proceeds going to charity. This also works well with talent contests, variety shows and discos.
  6. Bake Sale. Here's the catch - it must be run by the children from start to finish. Ask them to plan the cakes, shopping and prices. You might find it hard to leave them to it but let them direct the baking as much as possible. For younger kids make sure they ask you to deal with the oven.
  7. Art attack. Run an art competition at your local school, youth group, church or sports club, with any arts and crafts created being sold for charity. Base it around a fun theme to get more kids involved.
  8. Mufti days. This is the easiest way for schools to make money. Simply pick a day for kids to wear their own clothes or fancy dress, and charge them £1 each. You could even theme it around a special celebration like National Book Week, Easter or Christmas.

We’d love to hear how you help raise your kids to be philanthropic so why not share your tips with us? You can also learn more about fundraising with kids by taking a peek at our fundraising ideas for schools on our guide to primary school fundraising success.

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