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Ideas and Inspiration: Mother’s Day


Inspirational Fundraising Ideas for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is both a celebration, and a time of remembrance for many. For families with young children it’s an opportunity to spend happy time together, and if you have grandmothers in the mix there’s the potential to really make a great day of it. Conversely, if you’ve lost your mother, Mother’s Day might be a time for reflection. There are fundraising opportunities in both cases. Here we give you 6 brilliant ways to raise money on Mother’s Day, and some inspiration on how to use the day to support causes that celebrate all our mums.


  1. Ideas to raise money on Mother’s Day


Sell flowers: If your organisation meets over a weekend (religious group, sports club, etc.) why not sell flowers or pretty pot plants for people to take home for Mother’s Day. Schools can do this on the Friday before Mother’s Day to raise money for the PTA. Ask a local florist if they can create something simple for you at a reduced price, or sell on their behalf and ask them to donate a percentage of the profits.


Hold a bake sale: Stage a cake competition, and sell cakes for mums and celebrating families. You could take this one stage further by hosting an afternoon cream tea event for people to bring their mums to on the day.


Raffles: Ask local businesses to donate Mother’s Day gifts to a raffle – dinner at a restaurant, flower bouquet, champagne all go down well and a raffle is a quick and easy way to raise a good amount of money.


Make and sell: If you have creative supporters, ask them to make Mother’s Day gifts to sell at a craft fair. Schools can do this with students – ALL mums love to get something from their child on Mother’s Day! Hand-made cards, flower baskets, decorated mugs and candles are all simple to create and ideal gifts for mum.


Sports challenges: If you’re raising money for a sports club, why not hold an event based around the mothers at your club. Participants pay to enter a race - mum and child 3-legged race, sons and daughters race to win a price for mum, etc. Make an evening of it and keep families at the club celebrating into the evening.


Online shopping donations: Don’t forget to use easyfundraising for your gift purchases this Mother’s Day. We have flowers, chocolate, candles, jewellery and perfume – you name it, you’ll find it on easyfundraising. With top retailers like Amazon, John Lewis and Sainsbury’s waiting to give a free donation to your cause whenever you shop online, you’ll find the perfect treat for your mum, and you’ll raise money at the same time. Sign up today and register your cause to start fundraising whenever you shop.


  1. Sign up to support a mother or child cause


If your community (local or online) focuses on motherhood in any way, Mother’s Day is the ideal time to launch a fundraising plan to support a specific child, or mum-focused charity. Harness the power of the mothers at your school, church, hockey club, etc. and get them fired up to do good over the course of the year.


If you’ve lost your mum, Mother’s Day is likely to be especially poignant for you, so now might be a good time to start fundraising for a cause that was close to her heart. If you’re fundraising for a local hospice, cancer care organisation, or specific health charity, tell the story of how they helped your mum and your family, and why you want to fundraise for them. You could ask people to cook their mother Sunday lunch at home instead of going to a restaurant, and donate the difference in cost to the charity.


If you’re raising money for a school, find an ex-alumna who’s a new mum, and invite her in to tell the story of how the school helped make her who she is today. If you have a local celebrity mum, you could even turn this into an event, and sell drinks and nibbles to raise more money.


There are bound to be local causes too, like children’s hospices or new parent support groups that will be grateful for your support; or why not launch your own cause and register it with easyfundraising for online donations? Here are a few of our favourite national charities:


  • Unicef
  • Barnardos
  • Oxfam
  • Great Ormond Street
  • Sands
  • Bliss
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Cruse Bereavement Care


Whatever you do for Mother’s Day, we hope your day goes well. Let us know if you’ve thought of a really good fundraiser for Mother’s Days – we love to hear your good news fundraising stories!

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